I have come to know Anita through my friendship with Charlotte Iserbyt. Anita was a fellow researcher and long time activist who has taken on the Federal Government in court and won to end behavioral tracking of students through federal assessments. Tests are supposed to measure academic skills, not attitudes and beliefs. But eventually the battle was lost because of the apathy of the American population.

By Anita Hoge
January 28, 2016

WARNING: Senator Ted Cruz Uses the Words “CHOICE” and “CIVIL RIGHTS,” but Beware. By Dangling Title I Money to ALL Parents, Sen. Ted Cruz Accelerates Federal Control Over All Private, Religious, and Homeschools, and Blankets Common Core Equitably to ALL Schools in America With His Proposed Bill, S 306. [Source: Link]

On Oct. 26, 2015, The Blaze quoted Sen. Ted Cruz as saying, “School Choice Is Today’s ‘Civil Rights’ Issue.” But before you get excited about this, ask Sen. Ted Cruz what he means when he uses the term “choice.”

Quoting from Sen. Ted Cruz’s website:

Sen. Cruz Joins as Lead Cosponsor of Messer-Lee-Cruz Bill to Expand School Choice EVERY CHILD MUST HAVE HOPE AND OPPORTUNITY FOR A BETTER LIFE

January 29, 2015
WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today joined as lead cosponsor of the Enhancing Educational Opportunities for All Act, which was introduced by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Ut….

“The rich and middle class have had school choice from the beginning of time,” said Sen. Cruz. “This fight is about ensuring that every child, regardless of race, ethnicity, or zip code has the same opportunity to choose the school that best fits their needs and will help them achieve their very best. I am proud to work with Sen. Lee and Congressman Messer on this legislation to give more and more kids hope and opportunity for a better life.”

The Enhancing Educational Opportunities for All Act would:

• Allow Title I funds to follow low-income students to any public or private school of their choice.

• Remove contribution limitations on Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, the lone tax break available to parents for K-12 expenses.

• Expand “529” Savings Accounts to cover K-12 elementary and secondary education expenses, giving families yet another option to pay for K-12 educational expenses. (Emp. Added.)

It is interesting to note that Sen. Ted Cruz forgot to say in his Press Release that he also changed the definition of private school to include homeschool. This is significant. This fight is all about protecting our children. [Mike Huckabee: Ted Cruz “Contantly Changes Positions”]

If I had not read the sponsors of this bill I would think this legislation came right out of President Obama’s Equity Plan called For Each and Every Child: A STRATEGY FOR EDUCATION EQUITY AND EXCELLENCE. (Source: Link)

Ask what “Equity” means. On page 17 of President Obama’s report it states:

The time has come for bold action by the states—and the federal government—to redesign and reform the funding of our nation’s public schools. Achieving equity and excellence requires sufficient resources that are distributed based on student need, not zip code, and that are efficiently used.

Page 19:

Accordingly, this commission believes the time has come for bold action by the states—and the federal government—to redesign and reform the funding of our nation’s public schools. (Emp. Added.)

…and develops mechanisms that allow the federal government to MONITOR and ENFORCE the ongoing performance of its new equity and excellence investments to make sure those investments are, in fact, enhancing student achievement. (Emp. added.)

Page 20:

ENFORCE its equity mandates in a fair and intelligent manner. ENFORCEMENT mechanisms should be tied to federal funding and equity of outcomes. (Emp. added.)

On October 26, 2015, Andrew Mullins, Deputy Director, HSLDA Federal Relations, Home School Legal Defense Association, in support of this legislation stated:

“In other words, S. 306 seeks to treat homeschoolers fairly.”

Federal funding, Title I portability is designed to control. There is nothing “fair” about S 306. In a letter to Sen. Ted Cruz last November, HSLDA continued to support S 306.

Title I portability is not a mystery. This is FEDERAL “CHOICE” which reforms how schools are financed. This means that Sen. Ted Cruz supports Title I funds that are “portable,” where all students are funded “equitably,” not local schools. What this means is that all public funding can be deposited into an ESA, education savings account. Sen. Ted Cruz’s title in S 306 makes the statement “ALL students” which includes private school students and homeschool students. S 306 knocks down the doors of every private and homeschool so that the Feds can sweep right in.

Sen. Ted Cruz stated on The Blaze TV show on October 26, 2015 with Glenn Beck:

“I’m not remotely pushing for homeschool to be reclassified in any way, shape or form.”

Yet S 306 legislates otherwise! Sen. Ted Cruz’s Press Release dated January 29, 2015 states that he supports Rep. Messer’s bill, HR 553, dated January 27, 2015. However, Rep. Messer’s companion bill does NOT have Title I portability included in his bill.

Why has Sen. Cruz attached Title I portability to his S 306, targeting private schools and homeschools to receive ESEA Title I federal funds? Title I portability is a F5 tornado that pulverizes all schools and now he has made sure that it will sweep through homeschools as well. Why has Sen. Cruz added Title I portability to his bill when it is not in the Messer bill?

The key to understanding the re-write of ESEA that passed in December, is actually reading the Reauthorization legislation which I am convinced not many people have. When Sen. Ted Cruz added his S 306 to the already heavy-handed federal legislation in the Reauthorization of ESEA, a very ugly monster storm begins to emerge out of D.C. – total control of all schools with one national curriculum, with one set of national standards, and one national test in the United States. I believe Sen. Ted Cruz knows very well why he included homeschools in the Title I federal agenda.

Interesting that Sen. Ted Cruz voted against the Reauthorization of ESEA in the Senate, (knowing that S 1177 was going to pass in spite of his NO vote), but then submitted his S 306 which will suck homeschools into the Title I agenda of ESEA. He, perhaps inadvertently, tipped his hand. He is betraying homeschool parents. In the end, Sen. Ted Cruz DID NOT VOTE at all in the final passage in December.

S 306, Section I, Title I Portability under ESEA is “amended by adding to the end” of [Link] which are state plans for standards, testing, and accountability which is referenced in Sen. Ted Cruz’s bill. A Title I child accepting funds to implement a federal education program is considered a recipient of federal financial assistance. This will effectually mandate Common Core to every private school accepting the enrolled Title I funded portability child.

Senator Ted Cruz supports “CHOICE” as a Presidential candidate, and he would allow “CHOICE” Title I funds to “follow the child” to any public school or private school. But this is phony choice! It is government-controlled choice! It means that a private school must accept a “low income” child with federal Title I funds in their ESA. In the past a private school could refuse Title I FUNDS. But now the money “follows the child.” If a private school refuses the child with the federal funds, that school will be sued under discrimination according to Civil Rights laws. Is this what Sen. Ted Cruz meant by choice being a “Civil Rights” issue? Everyone must comply to Common Core?



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