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Common Core Explained Part 2

By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D. March 16, 2015 Common Core Part 2 In HORACE MANN : EDUCAT0NAL STATESMAN, E.I.F. Williams related that Robert Owen “brought William ... Continue Reading →

Common Core Part 3

By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D. March 30, 2015 Common Core Part 3 Following the theme of the Illuminati and Common Core proponents that “they know what is best for ... Continue Reading →

Common Core Explained Part 1

By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D. March 2, 2015 Common Core Part 1 There is a great controversy today over the current educational reform movement known as Common Core (CC). ... Continue Reading →


I have come to know Anita through my friendship with Charlotte Iserbyt. Anita was a fellow researcher and long time activist who has taken on the Federal Government in court and won ... Continue Reading →

Students Forced Into Truancy Van 50 Yards From School

This story is a toss up between the police state and education tyranny that shows how extreme the take over starting with our kids have become May 11, 2016 By Victor Skinner ATLANTA ... Continue Reading →

Will The Real Newt Gingrich Please Stand Up

This article is written by a friend of mine, a fellow patriot and researcher who has done more to expose the phony right than just about anyone else I have ever seen. This is a story ... Continue Reading →

Patriots Or Manchurian Candidates? A WARNING FOR ALL PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES: Check carefully track record of your education policy advisors. This article is written for two reasons: (1)  To ... Continue Reading →